June 4 - 6, 2012
Crowne Plaza Hotel
St. Louis, MO
Abstract for Amino Acids Workshop by Pickering Laboratories
Dr. Maria Ofitserova and Dr. Laszlo Torma, Pickering Laboratories

Pickering Laboratories presents a training session on Amino Acids Analysis using HPLC with post-column derivatization. We will discuss
method performance characteristics, equipment requirements and sample preparation procedures.  Our presentation will cover advances in
columns and method development that considerably reduce analysis time but keep all the advantages of the post-column derivatization
technique.  During the troubleshooting portion of our presentation, we will talk about the challenges laboratories face when analyzing for
amino acids in various matrixes, and how to effectively identify and resolve common problems. We also encourage participants to bring
their troubleshooting questions for discussion at the end of the session.